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Glen Michaelson, Owner

Digital Dictation Systems and Services in Nampa, Idaho

Welcome to Intermountain Dictation! We’re the speech to document support you’ve been looking for to supercharge your productivity.

Intermountain Dictation is an industry leader in dictation systems, transcription document flow, healthcare analytics software, and productivity solutions. Whether you’re looking at computer-assisted coding to speed up your medical billing or mobile dictation with automated document routing and filing, you’ve come to the right place.

Owner Glen Michaelson has worked in the dictation and transcription industry since 1994, and has seen the software evolve over the last 25+ years. His vast experience spans integrations, workflow management and setup, and is experienced in standards like HL7.

We work with only the best speech recognition solutions in the industry, including Fusion, Olympus, Phillips, Nuance, Dolbey, and others. Today’s speech recorders are as small as a hand-held digital recorder and as convenient as a smart phone, all powered by intelligent software that helps you manage reports from dictation to signature, distribution to final document archival.

Learn how your business can save time and money while increasing the accuracy of your files with dictation and document text solutions. Call us today to find out what your business may be missing!

Our office hours are:10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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